DU SOL MA Syllabus

Due to its reputation for providing high-quality education, DU SOL is among the most well-known universities. Through a distinctive and modernised syllabus framework, the university also provides distance learning across a wide range of subject areas. The institute is set up to provide in-depth information and abilities in each area covered in each semester. Along with other programmes and courses, DU SOL also offers a Master's degree via distant learning. Under the guidance of academic specialists and directors from numerous reputable organisations, the institute's experienced professors and faculty structure and create the course syllabus. It is advised that you review the requirements and the whole syllabus structure if you intend to apply for admission to Delhi University's School of Open Learning.

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DU SOL Distance MA Syllabus 2023: Detailed Info

The MA degree programmes at DU SOL are available in the four well-liked specialities of Hindi, Political Science, History, and Sanskrit. Merit- and entrance-based criteria are both used in the admissions process. You must get at least 60% of your bachelor's degree in order to be admitted on the basis of merit. Seats are set up for merit-based admission with 50% designated for entrance-based admission. Read More

Like other courses in DU SOL, the Master of Arts syllabus is updated every six months in order to give students access to the most recent and up-to-date information via print and online media. With all the new entries and formulations introduced in recent years, the university's curriculum is current with the most modern period. Thus, by providing study materials and other supplements to assist the academic sessions of the students, DU SOL provides best-in-class services in the education field. For the most up-to-date information on the course requirements and admission requirements, visit the official DU SOL website.

DU SOL MA Course Structure

One of the most popularly downloaded study guides is for Master of Arts. The accessible MA courses allow students to enrol in any concentration they want. On its official website, the University posts the study materials online. Exams based on the yearly system and CBCS are offered as study materials for the MA degree course. CBCS is operating in semester mode. By visiting Delhi University's official website, you can view the detailed semester-by-semester syllabus. On Delhi University's online platform, you must review documents and other information like assignments. In two years, there are a total of four semesters. You must get the necessary passing percentage in each semester to pass.

List of MA Specializations and Subjects

MA Political Science Semester 1 Paper 201
Paper 301
Paper 401
Semester 2 Paper 102
Paper 202
Paper 302
Paper 402
MA Hindi Semester 1 Paper 101
Paper 102
Paper 103
Paper 104
Semester 2 Paper 201
Paper 202
Paper 203
Paper 204
Semester 3 Paper 301
Paper 302
Paper 303
Paper 304
Semester 4 Paper 4042
Paper 4051
Paper 4071
Paper 4012
Paper 4043
Paper 4073
Paper 4053
Paper 4072
Paper 4011
Paper 4052

FAQs related to DU SOL MA Syllabus

You only need to follow these simple steps to find out more about the procedure.
  • You must first and foremost go to the DU SOL official website.
  • Then, select the Online Applications button to sign up for the new admissions process.
  • Selecting your subject is advised before paying your required.
  • Enter all necessary information and make the required payment.
  • Download the confirmation receipt by following the on-screen instructions.
There are many specialisations. Some of them are Hindi, English and Economics.

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