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The placement drive at Delhi University School of Open Learning used to be regarded as the greatest one for matching students with elite businesses like major MNCs, non-profits, or other private as well as governmental organisations. The University Grants Commission of Education created Delhi University in 1962. After completing the corresponding undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, the School of Open Learning provides placements and correspondence courses through various educational channels.

The Role Placement Drive

The recruiting drive serves as a bridge that closes the distance between the student and the hiring organisation. A student is given the greatest employment prospects through this placement drive to launch and develop their career on the route to a successful life.

  • After a student's completion of all required courses, the DU-SOL Placement Drive offers campus placement.
  • Through the placement campaign of DU-SOL, large, well-known firms like Dalmia Group and Amazon present the highest beginning pay package offered at over 8 LPA.
  • On its main campus, DU-SOL provides online and remote learning courses. Where a student can enrol in courses relevant to their chosen Arts & Humanities or Commerce undergraduate stream courses.
  • A student will experience the personal interviews done by the DU-SOL placement drive on the DU-SOL campus.
  • The personal contact programme offers students a number of advantages including the chance to engage with knowledgeable faculty members who are available on the main campus for academic and career counselling.

For students who require flexible scheduling to coordinate their DU SOL undergraduate courses with their professional working life or other personal work, the DU SOL provides a learning programme through the distance and online modes. The college faculty also transmits knowledge, advances students' education, and develops their professional abilities.

Additionally, the school of open learning supports all departments of DU SOL's widespread vulnerable placement effort.

How does a student get the best job offers through the DU SOL placement cell?

Students must first sign up for the department and campus placement drives in order to accept the best employment offers through DU-SOL. Students who have signed up for the placement drive or registered themselves are guided by senior faculty members.

A student can only engage in direct conversation or a job interview on campus by enrolling. Large recruiting firms arrived to choose the individuals from the DU SOL campus. The school has a well-stocked placement centre to provide work prospects in the academic fields in which a student is interested in pursuing a career. One of the campuses for the school of open learning is on the north campus, while the other is on the south campus.

Placement ECell FAQs

Only third-year students or those who have taken the fifth-semester test are eligible for the placement interviews. Companies hire top-notch, intelligent pupils for their teams.

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