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HRM has developed along with the rest of the corporate sector. Businesses now primarily rely on technology for employee administration, training, and hiring. As a result, there is a great demand for qualified individuals who can handle HR operations in the digital world. An online BBA in Human Resources Management could be beneficial in this situation. You can succeed in human resource management by completing a three-year undergraduate degree program called an online BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM). The program aims to give students the technical know-how and leadership skills they need to succeed in the modern digital environment

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Does DU SOL offer an Online BBA in Human Resource Management?

A general Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program and a BBA in Financial Investment Analysis are both offered by Delhi University's School of Open Learning (SOL). However, there isn't currently a concentration in human resource management. However, the best rivals to DU SOL for online BBA in HRM are Jain University Online, DY Patil University Online, CCE UPES Distance Learning, MMU Online, Vignan University Online, Shalini University Online, and GLA University Online. Read More

These are the top online universities for earning a BBA in Human Resources Management. The program costs between INR 10,000 and INR 50,000 per semester.

Key Specifications of Online BBA in Human Resource Management

An Online BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) will give you a solid business administration and management foundation, which is crucial for anybody aspiring to work in human resources. You can find further information about the Online BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) program below.

Online BBA in HRM Course Fee

The cost of the online BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) curriculum varies from 10,000 to 50,000 INR every semester. Additionally, depending on the university you select, there can be additional costs.

Online BBA in HRM Eligibility Criteria

Any top university's online BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) program requires passing the 10+2 exam from a recognized board with a minimum of 40% overall. Students from various academic fields are eligible to apply, but they must also meet the university's age restrictions

Duration of Online BBA in HRM

An online BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) degree usually takes three to four years to complete. The length could change, though, depending on the program's credit structure and academic schedule.

Admission Procedure for Online BBA in HRM

The admissions process for an online BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) may vary depending on the university offering the degree. However, you normally need to meet the prerequisites and turn in your application, academic records, and other required documents. Additionally, some universities could ask applicants to take an exam or interview to assess their aptitude and suitability for the program.

Online BBA in HRM Syllabus

The curriculum for an online BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) program typically includes a range of courses in business administration, management, and human resource management. Some of the typical courses that students can anticipate studying include those in HR analytics, recruiting and selection, compensation and benefits, talent management, labour law, organizational behaviour, and leadership development.

Online BBA HRM Placement

Many universities that offer an online BBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) also provide placement services to assist graduates in finding employment opportunities related to their field of study. Examples include setting up job fairs, networking gatherings, and seminars; connecting graduates with potential employers; and providing career counselling and assistance. You can find suitable employment opportunities and launch your career in human resource management with the aid of placement assistance.

Objective of School of Open Learning (DU) Online BBA

The major goal of the Online BBA programme is to give students who are prepared and eager to pursue jobs in business corporations the fundamental understanding of business administration and management. The Online BBA programme can be finished in as little as three years or as long as six years, depending on how many credits are earned in each category.

Online BBA in India (Find the Best Schools and Degrees)

BBA is amongst the most preferred professional degrees out there. It has a lot of promise and is a straightforward path to a gratifying and rewarding career in management courses. Universities now offer BBA degrees in a wide range of specialities. One of the reputable educational institutions that provides superior education in UG and PG levels is Delhi University. The BBA programme is intended to prepare students for a range of managerial and business positions. Before applying for admission to the BBA programme or any other programme, students can examine the online admission deadline, eligibility requirements, price structure, etc. On the university's website, the full details are provided.

Mode of Instruction

English is the language of instruction for programmes. The course is entirely student-driven and concentrates on cutting-edge management educational technology for candidates of the new generation. At DU SOL, a large percentage of the coursework is delivered via online education rather than in-person instruction.


In order to receive their different degrees, the students must pass their first and second year exams. The exams will include assessments such as viva-voce, assignments, projects, and four-semester tests over the full course. The examination accounts for 70% of the final grade, with assignments and other assessment components accounting for the remaining 30%.


The programme lasts two years. A student must complete the programme in two years, however the university offers an upper length limit of an extra two years from the date of registration for the relevant programme if the student needs more time. The course will take 4 years total, or 2 plus 2 years.

Term End Examinations

Internal assessment is extremely important in management degree programmes, especially for students who struggle to pass % on theory papers alone. The assignments, along with other activities like vivas, case analyses, project work, etc., are some of the most crucial components of internal evaluations. Assignments account for a combined 30% of the weighted grade in each subject. As a result, it is advised to take assignments seriously and be creative.

Who is Eligible for School of Open Learning BBA?

There are many requirements to meet in order to be admitted to a programme. First of all is getting a graduation degree with at least 50% marks. The student must have passed the mathematics portion of the 10+2 exam. Commerce graduates will be given preference in the admission procedure. After these events, students must participate in group discussions and interviews.


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