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A master of technology is a postgraduate engineering degree that takes two years to complete. It is available in several disciplines, including information system security, embedded system design, advanced information technology, and more. Using Delhi University's official website, students may quickly view the online syllabus and course structure. The School of Open Learning at Delhi University has begun the admissions process for M.Tech enthusiasts. nonetheless, the final day has not yet been disclosed. After earning a B.tech from Delhi University or another university with at least 60% of the required marks, students may apply for admission to the DU SOL distance M.Tech programme.

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What is the Last Date for DU SOL Distance M.Tech?

Online enrollment in DU-SOL has ended for the most recent batch, and the next batch's enrollment will soon start. You can find out here when DU-SOL will start accepting applications online for the 2023 batch. The M.Tech programme is a two-year postgraduate degree in engineering that is organised into 4 distinct semesters. Students can pick up new skills and modify them over the whole course to become experts in this particular subject or industry. After receiving a B.Tech degree, obtaining an M.Tech gives the opportunity to learn more in-depth about this master's concentration. The student must have received a grade of at least 55% in their B.E./B.Tech graduating programme. Read More

These fundamental specialities, including civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, communication engineering, and others, are covered in the distance-learning M.Tech programme.

After completing the DU SOL distance M.Tech degree programme, a student may be given the option of accepting a smart yearly package of between INR 6,00,000 and 8,00,000 LPA. Students are advised to visit the Delhi University School of Open Learning's official website in order to enrol in this course (sol.du.ac.in). Additionally, students can address questions about their particular courses to the DU SOL student corner.

Key Specifications of School of Open Learning Distance MTech

Since the engineering course requires practicals, project reports, and assignments, applicants to the DU SOL Distance M.Tech programme must provide proof of their GATE score. The following list of key points about distance M.tech is provided:

Distance MTech Course Fee

The University of Delhi offers its students the most reasonably priced and user-friendly programmes. One of the most crucial elements of every programme is the cost. The M.Tech program's course cost is 2,75,000 Indian rupees. There are several specialties available in the M.Tech programme, including M.Tech. (Power Systems), M.Tech. (Thermal Engineering), and M.Tech (Computer-Aided Design and Engineering). Advanced computing master's degrees, distributed computing master's degrees, etc. Students have two payment options: semester-by-semester or all at once with the admission application.

MTech Distance Eligibility Criteria

M.tech in the specific specialisation in which the individual wishes to pursue a master's degree is a requirement for admission to DU SOL. The M.Tech programme is also easily accessible to applicants who have completed their M.Sc in physics with the specific specialisation in which they wish to continue their study. Or, to be eligible to enrol for the M.Tech programme, a candidate must have earned a B.E. in electronics or electrical engineering with the required specialisation and at least 60% of the available points.

Duration of the Distance MTech Program

At Delhi University, an M.Tech degree must be completed in two years with four semesters. The institution does, however, give low-scoring students more time to finish the course. Since it lasts for two years, a student can finish the course in four. The M.Tech programme is created to equip students for engineering positions in different businesses and sectors.

MTech Distance Admission Procedure 2023

The application process is fairly simple because students only need to sign up for an account on the university's website. Then click the PG Admissions tab's New Admissions button. They must now pay a registration fee of 1,500 INR in order to register. Upload all required paperwork, then pay the programme. Additionally, the GATE score must be included on the form. Download the acknowledgment form there.

Syllabus of Distance MTech

The curriculum is designed with the student in mind since they may quickly access all of the topic and study material online utilising the university's official web site. To advance to the final term-end test for the degree award, you must pass a semester-long and internal examination. According to the specialty they have chosen, students must read a certain set of subjects. For instance, let's say you choose Digital Image Processing, Social Networking, Pattern Recognition, Mobile Computing, and Soft Computing.

Distance MTech Placement Services

Additionally, the institution hosts employment fairs through its placement services. Students may quickly sign up for placement cells to receive immediate career prospects from the institution. One of the greatest placement services in India is offered by the organisation. Most university grads are employed by prestigious businesses and multinational corporations.

Specializations of M.Tech Program in DU SOL

  • Software Engineering
  • Advanced Computing
  • Power Systems
  • VLSI Design and Micro Electronics
  • CAD and Manufacturing
  • Chemical Process Design
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Instrumental and Control Systems

Distance M Tech India (Find the Best Schools and Degrees)

The institution offers a two-year postgraduate degree called M.Tech both on-campus and online. Students are given superior understanding in this course on a variety of engineering and technology-related topics. The course broadens the candidate's knowledge and develops him or her into an enthusiastic learner or expert in a certain subject. Students must pass the GATE entrance test in order to be admitted to the DU SOL Distance M.Tech programme. For the bachelor's degree test, Delhi University requires a GATE score and 60% overall.

Mode of Instruction

English is the language of instruction for programmes. The course is entirely student-driven and concentrates on cutting-edge management educational technology for candidates of the new generation. At DU SOL, a large percentage of the coursework is delivered via online education rather than in-person instruction.


In order to receive their different degrees, the students must pass their first and second year exams. The exams will include assessments such as viva-voce, assignments, projects, and four-semester tests over the full course. The examination accounts for 70% of the final grade, with assignments and other assessment components accounting for the remaining 30%.


The programme lasts two years. A student must complete the programme in two years, however the university offers an upper length limit of an extra two years from the date of registration for the relevant programme if the student needs more time. The course will take 4 years total, or 2 plus 2 years.

Term End Examinations

Internal assessment is extremely important in management degree programmes, especially for students who struggle to pass % on theory papers alone. The assignments, along with other activities like vivas, case analyses, project work, etc., are some of the most crucial components of internal evaluations. Assignments account for a combined 30% of the weighted grade in each subject. As a result, it is advised to take assignments seriously and be creative.

Who is Eligible for School of Open Learning MTech?

There are many requirements to meet in order to be admitted to a programme. First of all is getting a graduation degree with at least 50% marks. The student must have passed the mathematics portion of the 10+2 exam. Commerce graduates will be given preference in the admission procedure. After these events, students must participate in group discussions and interviews.


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