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In the digital age, internet platforms have seen a tremendous shift in journalism and public communication. People with backgrounds in journalism and mass communication are therefore more in demand. An online BA in media and public Communication is an option for those who want to work in the field of media and public communication but prefer the flexibility and convenience of online learning. You can gain a solid foundation in journalism, mass communication, and media principles by pursuing an online, three-year BA in journalism and mass communication degree.

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Can I Pursue Online BA in JMC Program from DU SOL?

There isn't an online BA in journalism and mass communication offered by DU SOL at the moment. However, DU SOL does offer an online general BA program with specializations in Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Economics if you desire to pursue a degree in a related field online.
People who are interested in earning a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication have a wide range of options. For instance, notable choices include Chandigarh University Online, Amity University Online, and Shoolin University Online. However, keep in mind that studying for a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication at these universities would cost between INR 17,000 and INR 27,000 per semester, depending on the program and university.

Key Highlights of the Online BA in Journalism and Mass Communication

Online learning does need self-motivation and discipline, but it also provides various advantages such as flexibility, cheaper costs, and networking possibilities. With the advancement of technology, an Online BA in Journalism and Mass Communication may be an effective tool in the industry. You can find further information about the Online BA in Journalism and Mass Communication program below:

Fee Structure for Online BA in Journalism & Mass Communication

Each university has a different cost for their online BA in Journalism and Mass Communication program. Students typically pay between INR 17,000 and INR 27,000 every semester. It is important to keep in mind that additional costs can be necessary depending on the institution you decide to attend. Make sure the tuition and fees are within your price range before registering for an online course

Qualifying Requirements for Online BA JMC

Admission to an online BA in journalism and mass communication normally requires a high school diploma or other relevant qualification, as well as a minimum GPA. Results from standardized tests or passing an admissions test may be required by some universities. Additional prerequisites may vary depending on the university and the course of study.

Online BA in JMC Program Curriculum

Among the topics taught in the curriculum are media ethics, news reporting and writing, multimedia storytelling, advertising, public relations, and social media. English, arithmetic, and social science general education courses are also required

Admissions Procedure for Online BA in JMC

For admission to an online BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, it is frequently necessary to submit an application, transcripts of previous coursework, and to meet minimum GPA and standardized test score requirements. You'll also need to pay the admission costs and submit the required papers.

Duration of Online BA in JMC

An Online BA in Journalism and Mass Communication normally takes three years, depending on the university and subject of study. It's possible that some universities offer accelerated or part-time study options, which could shorten the program's duration.

Online BA Journalism & Mass Communication Placement Assistance

As part of its placement assistance, the Online BA in Journalism and Mass Communication program offers career counselling, resume and portfolio evaluation, job search tools, and networking opportunities with alumni and business leaders. In order to give students, work experience, several universities offer them cooperative education opportunities or internships.

Distance BA in India (Find the Best Schools and Degrees)

A BA degree is one of the undergraduate degree options that DU SOL provides. Students from all over the nation apply to enrol in DU regular courses and colleges, but when their cumulative GPAs don't meet the cut-offs for admission to any DU college, their only choice is to enrol in DU SOL because all courses and degrees offered by Delhi University, whether through regular or distance learning, are equivalent and recognised globally. The UGC has approved DU SOL. It offers a BA degree in a variety of specialities, including Hindi, English, Political Science, and others. You can apply for B as well. a show that provides information on the country's culture as well as subject-related and connected issues.

Mode of Instruction

English is the language of instruction for programmes. The course is entirely student-driven and concentrates on cutting-edge management educational technology for candidates of the new generation. At DU SOL, a large percentage of the coursework is delivered via online education rather than in-person instruction.


In order to receive their different degrees, the students must pass their first and second year exams. The exams will include assessments such as viva-voce, assignments, projects, and four-semester tests over the full course. The examination accounts for 70% of the final grade, with assignments and other assessment components accounting for the remaining 30%.


The programme lasts two years. A student must complete the programme in two years, however the university offers an upper length limit of an extra two years from the date of registration for the relevant programme if the student needs more time. The course will take 4 years total, or 2 plus 2 years.

Term End Examinations

Internal assessment is extremely important in management degree programmes, especially for students who struggle to pass % on theory papers alone. The assignments, along with other activities like vivas, case analyses, project work, etc., are some of the most crucial components of internal evaluations. Assignments account for a combined 30% of the weighted grade in each subject. As a result, it is advised to take assignments seriously and be creative.

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Who is Eligible for School of Open Learning BA?

There are many requirements to meet in order to be admitted to a programme. First of all is getting a graduation degree with at least 50% marks. The student must have passed the mathematics portion of the 10+2 exam. Commerce graduates will be given preference in the admission procedure. After these events, students must participate in group discussions and interviews.

FAQ related to Distance Education of DU SOL BA

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CAT is not the exam for distance BA.
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