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A 2-year postgraduate program leads to an online MA or Masters of Arts degree. Students who are particularly interested in pursuing and making careers in the public sector, administration, teaching, writing, and other fields would benefit greatly from taking this online course. Any specialty course, including a Master's in English, Hindi, Political Science, Psychology, Economics, Public Administration, Sanskrit, and others, is available through DU SOL. Depending on the master's degree you have chosen, the two-year Masters' program at DU SOL is divided into 4 or 2 semesters. By initially enrolling on the DU SOL web portal and then following the other admission procedure procedures, students can apply to the desired degree or program with ease. Students are advised to first review the requirements for the specific course or Master's program concentration.

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What is the last date of DU SOL Online MA admissions

The School of Open Learning at Delhi University will begin accepting applications in July. For each new academic session, the official website will list the exact dates for registration and application form submission. You may find out here when DU-SOL will start accepting applications online for the 2023 batch. However, later this year, DU SOL will start accepting applications for the following session or batch. Candidates who wish to enroll in the online MA program must first review the information on the DU SOL website.
Important Information for Students Online MA Admissions (Economics, English, Psychology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Policy and Administration):
To be considered for this Master's program, students must have completed their undergraduate studies or be in their last year.
Graduation must be earned from a university or other institution that is recognized.
A cumulative score of at least 50% on the semester or final exam is required to be admitted to DU SOL.
There is no maximum age to pursue a master's degree at DU SOL, and you can quickly fill out the admissions form on the website.

Key Highlights of the Online MA for School Of Open Learning

Online MA is a professional degree program that helps students to pursue in-depth knowledge of subjects like Public Administration, Literature, Psychology, Sociology,

Online MA Program Fee

Candidates can pay the INR 9,980 in tuition fees for the online MA program at DU SOL online using the portal. The online MA program lasts for two years, and applicants have the option of paying their tuition in full up front or in instalments.

MA Online Eligibility Criteria

A bachelor's degree from an accredited university in any discipline is required for entrance to the online MA program at DU-SOL. Additionally, there are no age restrictions for entrance to the university's online MA program

Duration of the Online MA Course

A minimum of two years and a maximum of four years are needed to finish the online MA program at DU-SOL. The university's two-year extension to pass all the exams benefits working professionals who struggle to find time to study in addition to their full-time jobs

MA Online Admission Procedure

For those interested in applying for admission and pursuing an online MA degree, the institution has set up an online portal. Follow these steps to sign up for DU SOL's online MA program: To get started, visit the official DU SOL website and register. Fill out the registration/application form after that. You must then fully complete the application's details. Upload every document required for the verification procedure to the site. After paying the academic cost, submit the application form.

MA Online Course Syllabus

The School of Open Learning at Delhi University provides a Master of Arts program with a variety of concentrations. The online MA course syllabus will depend on the specialization you have selected. Additionally, you may find all of the study materials and the whole syllabus

Online MA Course Placement Assistance

The institution has its own placement cell, which was founded in 2018, and a placement mechanism in place. After completing their degree at DU-SOL, the applicants will receive placement assistance. On the other hand, the placement cell lacks experience and is unable to meet the demands of all pupils

Online MA in India (Find the Best Schools and Degrees)

The university's remote education department offers the DU SOL MA as a master's degree programme online. Students are allowed to attend their course lectures and classes even if they don't routinely visit the university. Possessing a Master's degree from DU SOL has many benefits. You can continue working or going to school while pursuing your master's degree. Read More

The university offers PG courses leading to an MA degree. You must go to lectures and classes once or twice a week in person or online to complete your master's degree programme. Listen to the advice of your mentor, professor, or instructor. One of the most well-known programmes available is the MA, or master of arts, in English. The whole course may be accessed quickly and conveniently by the students.

Additionally, the internet platforms have excellent usability. By visiting your DU SOL website, you may find out everything there is to know about your specific business. The MA offers students various employment advantages because many MNCs and major corporations want a PG degree. One of the greatest and most popular alternatives available if you are a working professional and want to pursue your master's degree programme at DU SOL is the MA.

Mode of Instruction

English is the language of instruction for programmes. The course is entirely student-driven and concentrates on cutting-edge management educational technology for candidates of the new generation. At DU SOL, a large percentage of the coursework is delivered via online education rather than in-person instruction.


In order to receive their different degrees, the students must pass their first and second year exams. The exams will include assessments such as viva-voce, assignments, projects, and four-semester tests over the full course. The examination accounts for 70% of the final grade, with assignments and other assessment components accounting for the remaining 30%.


The programme lasts two years. A student must complete the programme in two years, however the university offers an upper length limit of an extra two years from the date of registration for the relevant programme if the student needs more time. The course will take 4 years total, or 2 plus 2 years.

Term End Examinations

Internal assessment is extremely important in management degree programmes, especially for students who struggle to pass % on theory papers alone. The assignments, along with other activities like vivas, case analyses, project work, etc., are some of the most crucial components of internal evaluations. Assignments account for a combined 30% of the weighted grade in each subject. As a result, it is advised to take assignments seriously and be creative.

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Who is Eligible for School of Open Learning MA?

There are many requirements to meet in order to be admitted to a programme. First of all is getting a graduation degree with at least 50% marks. The student must have passed the mathematics portion of the 10+2 exam. Commerce graduates will be given preference in the admission procedure. After these events, students must participate in group discussions and interviews.


1st August this year
CAT isnot theexam for distance MA.
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