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A professional degree programme is the EMBA programme. This is intended in particular for seasoned professionals from the working class. This executive MBA programme teaches students how to balance the demands of a day job in their specific business industry with the regular or remote learning sessions. An EMBA specialty programme gives working people the advanced, practical knowledge they need to progress in their careers. While an EMBA programme gives you advanced knowledge of management and business, a regular MBA degree just teaches you a fundamental grasp of how to run a corporation. Therefore, this course is intended for people who are currently working in the management sector (business world) and who wish to further their careers by taking on more responsibility at prestigious companies.

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What is the Final Date of DU SOL Distance B.Tech Admissions 2023?

Candidates can submit their applications for their various MBA specialisation programmes at DUSOL either online or offline. The School of Open Learning at Delhi University has concluded online applications for the most recent class, and applications for the following batch will soon open. You can find out here when DU-SOL will start accepting applications online for the 2023 batch. Read More

Students need to visit the site regularly to get quick updates. Admission 2023 Quick Facts:
  • Before applying for admission to their preferred course or specialisation, students must first review the eligibility requirements.
  • All applicants must have bachelor's degrees from any stream with an overall average of 55% or higher in order to be confirmed for admission to any specialty in 2023.
  • Academic costs and registration for admissions in 2023 vary depending on the course/specialization.
  • Students can take use of traditional classroom settings as well as online or distant learning.
  • Students who complete a specialised degree have a wealth of opportunities in the corporate sector.

School of Open Learning Offered Executive MBA Specializations

To help students gain in-depth expertise in a variety of management, business, and corporate world domains, DUSOL provides a variety of specialisations in the EMBA discipline. From the list of specialisations shown below, you can select any one.

Executive MBA in Business Analytics

This course is designed for working professionals in any area linked to marketing and sales, HR, finance, operations, software, and IT. It is called the Executive Masters of Business Administration in Business Analytics. anybody seeking for a leadership position that emphasises analytics. Many career prospects exist in this sector for students, including those in management consulting, growth management, business consulting, leadership roles in business analytics, and strategy roles, among others.

You may become a leader in the developing company, market, or management sectors with the aid of the DU SOL EMBA in Business Analytics..

Executive MBA in Digital Marketing

You learn the conventional techniques of digital platforms in the Executive Masters of Business Administration in Digital Marketing programme. The EMBA in Digital Marketing has become very popular recently. You will learn the ins and outs of the digital world with this course. Digital marketing includes not just the word "digital firms," but also the fields of healthcare, education, finance, services for the body and mind, fitness, and entertainment. The EMBA in Digital Marketing is a 12- to 24-month programme that teaches you the fundamentals of the field, including social media marketing, branding, promotion, advertising, and more.

Executive MBA in Leadership & Strategy

The Executive Masters of Business Administration in Leadership & Strategy will educate you the in-depth disciplines of finance, marketing, and supply chain in the market/organization or in any sector and will equip you to enter the strategic management and organisational leadership roles. Students will adopt a strategic leadership role inside the firm to help it advance and accomplish all of its goals.

Executive MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Students who want to build strong management skills and connect with supply chain executives, logistics, back-end operations of a business unit/organization, or the world should consider the 1-2 year Executive Masters of Business Administration in Operations & Supply Chain Management programme, which is offered after graduation. The DU SOL EMBA programme educates students on how to manage the activities that control the supply chain.

Executive MBA in Marketing Management

The EMBA programme is for people who want to improve their knowledge of business, management, and the products and services that are at the heart of the global marketplace (nationally or internationally). A society's material needs and its economic reaction patterns are separated by marketing. You will get comprehensive commercial expertise in this course.

Executive MBA in Applied Finance

A postgraduate degree programme is the Executive Masters of Business Administration in Applied Finance. This concentration entails the study of analytics, planning, organisation, and banking/financial monitoring. Students doing the DU SOL EMBA in Applied Finance programme gain knowledge of financial concepts such as data analysis, logical reasoning, investing, and more. Therefore, those in the workforce who wish to enter the field of finance should study an EMA in Applied Finance.

Which Executive MBA Specialization is Best from School of Open Learning in 2023?

  • Executive MBA in Marketing Management
  • Executive MBA in Digital Marketing
  • Executive MBA in Leadership & Strategy
  • Executive MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Executive MBA in Applied Finance
  • Executive MBA in Business Analytics

What is all there in an Executive MBA?

There are many things in an Executive MBA specialization program. Some of them are mentioned below.

Mode of Instruction

English is the language of instruction for programmes. The course is entirely student-driven and concentrates on cutting-edge management educational technology for candidates of the new generation. At DU SOL, a large percentage of the coursework is delivered via online education rather than in-person instruction.


In order to receive their different degrees, the students must pass their first and second year exams. The exams will include assessments such as viva-voce, assignments, projects, and four-semester tests over the full course. The examination accounts for 70% of the final grade, with assignments and other assessment components accounting for the remaining 30%.


The programme lasts two years. A student must complete the programme in two years, however the university offers an upper length limit of an extra two years from the date of registration for the relevant programme if the student needs more time. The course will take 4 years total, or 2 plus 2 years.

Term End Examinations

Internal assessment is extremely important in management degree programmes, especially for students who struggle to pass % on theory papers alone. The assignments, along with other activities like vivas, case analyses, project work, etc., are some of the most crucial components of internal evaluations. Assignments account for a combined 30% of the weighted grade in each subject. As a result, it is advised to take assignments seriously and be creative.

Who Can Do An Executive MBA Course?

This Executive MBA programme is intended for professionals who are currently employed and have some experience. For those looking to develop their knowledge and abilities, the EMBA study programme offers a ladder and a field. The course material for a standard MBA programme is largely the same. But both conventional and online executive programmes are created specifically for persons with various needs. This executive program's course work lasts 18 months to 1.5 years to get an executive MBA.


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